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How to Escape from a Sinking Car
  • 1 comment
Any car accident is frightening, but an accident in which your vehicle is thrown into the water, with you trapped inside, is absolutely terrifying. Such...
Winter Car Safety Kit —  Ready for the snow & ice on the road?
  • 1 comment
Before I had kids I wasn’t very worried about winter driving safety. I probably drove too fast, changed lanes too often, and rolled through my...
Car Crash Protection Features
  • 1 comment
Crash protection features provide greater levels of injury protection to drivers and passengers in car crashes, they include: Crumple zones Modern cars protect drivers and...

Always be prepared - 2BESAFE on the road

Chances are slim you’ll ever be trapped in a sinking or burning car.

But would you bet your life on this? Prepare your car as if your life depends on it – it probably does!