Running Retractable Hands-Free Leash with Dual Handle

Let your dog explore nature safely with the 2Bexpert hands-free retractable leash while freely using your phone, running or walking without feeling restrained by his movements.
Guide your dog without breaking stride via the waist handle or use the collar handle for more direct control. The dual spring build will absorb jerks and lunges from dogs up to 150lb.
The adjustable 48" leash expands up to 63" when stretched, to suit all dog sizes, allowing extra absorbed extension for strong pulling dogs.

The padded belt fits waists from 25" to 46".

Made of durable, weather resistant nylon with strong metal clips and two D-rings, the leash and the adjustable waist belt are designed with seams of luminous reflective stitching to insure you benefit from extra safety on your late evening runs and strong enough to hold up against even the most active dogs.
The durable Velcro nylon strips make it easy to attach the bag to the leash or the adjustable waist belt.

The bag`s dispenser makes pulling out bags one by on easy. It comes with a roll of 20 bags, with enough room left for a few small treats, cash or a light set of keys.

On every purchase you get a free dog training tips E-book!

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Have you tried running with your dog on a leash and found out how difficult it was?

If the answer is yes, then you should look no further, since we have got the ideal solution for you!

The 2Bexpert unique hands-free dog running leash is going to become an instant hit with you and all your dog-loving friends!

Especially those who also have little kids and had trouble walking their dog and holding the stroller or their kids’ hands at the same time!

Everyone loves to walk their furry friends – but wouldn’t you love it even more if could also use your phone, open the bottle of water or read a newspaper while doing it? That’s exactly what our leash was designed for!

The 2BExpert Premium Hands-Free leash is the best value accessory for the modern dog owners that love to exercise and explore with their pet friend.

Now your dog can run freely ahead or around you, their leash safely secured around your waist, while you can do whatever you like with both your hands, without feeling restrained! The leash can expand up to 63”, which makes it suitable for all dog breeds and sizes!

In addition to that, the two handles (a built-in waist one and a collar-attached one) allow you to better guide your dog if need be. And the reflective stitching makes it a must-have accessory during your night walks!

The 2BExpert hands-free leash allows you to focus on your walk or running and not on your tired hands! You can easily attach the retractable leash to the adjustable waist belt so you can remain hands-free for other tasks.

Maintain control of your pet friend with a set of 2 sturdy handles that are conveniently placed and fully accessible. The double leash handles are strategically placed and adequate for training activity or street traffic moments.

You can pull your dog back to safety with the handle positioned by your hip or get a firmer hold via the collar handle.

The extra neoprene padded belt and the leash handles add more comfort during any activity with your pet.

The bungee cord will attenuate the shock effect that every large, energized dog will make when you walk or run down the street.

Constructed of rugged nylon that stands up to sun, rain & snow, the retractable bungee leash also has 3 seams of reflective stitching to keep you visible and safe in low-light conditions, so you can enjoy walks or running with your pup.

The 2Bexpert premium dog waste bag holder we offer you as a gift on every purchase is constructed of rugged nylon that stands up to sun, rain & snow and it also looks great when attached to the adjustable waist belt. 

Our intelligently designed holder holds 1 standard sized roll of dog poop bags and allows extra room to store a set of keys or some small treats for your dog. When the included roll of bags runs out, just simply open with the conveniently placed zipper and insert your next roll of bags.

Free up your hands and have quick access to your next dog waste bag when you need it!


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