Pet Seat Cover - Universal Fit

Use the 2Bexpert pet seat cover as bench coverage for any car, turn to hammock or fit any trunk as pet mat. Middle zipper turns cover dogs and humans to share the rear seat.

Made of colorfast waterproof durable quilted oxford & scratch proof PU coating the seat cover holds all dirt, pet hair and moisture and provides a comfortable ride with a high-end feel.

The silicone nonslip backing is on all panels, while the built-in Velcro seatbelts openings and sturdy seat anchors prevent cover from sliding the backseat. Wider 7.5” side flaps for seat cushion coverage.
Bonus features added – Extra wide Velcro dog seat belt fits most breeds to help keep your dogs in place and allow your eyes on the road.
The 2Bexpert pet seat cover comes with a matching, reusable carry bag. When not needed, you can easily store it in the water resistant, zip on storage bag.

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We, at 2Bexpert are aware that you love your pets as much as we do ours and you like to spend most of the time together.

But we also know how stressful a car journey may be for both the pet and its owner.
Hair all over the backseat may be extremely irritating for the passengers. Moreover, claws and “little wet accidents” can leave marks that are not so easy to remove.
Keep your car tidy, and pay attention to the road without worrying about claw marks and spills.
The new improved car seat cover is equipped with wide side flaps for a 360-degree protection of your car seat even with an excited, jump around dog.
Designed for the backseats of standard cars, trucks and SUVs (cars and SUVs must have a headrest for our product to latch on).

The new design aims to respond to the need of every dog owner family. So imagine that you or any back seat passenger can stay together with the dog on the back bench without any kind of problem, as it can easily turn from a flat seat cover to a full hammock thanks to the headrests straps or to a half and half cover due to the new added zipper on the middle. The seat belt slits enable you to use seat belts while the Velcro closures stop pet hair passing through

You’ll also be able to protect your trunk. Just secure our cover to the backseat headrests and throw it backwards. If you need to transport something bulky or dirty (gardening equipment, tools, camping or sports equipment), then the waterproof pets seat cover is exactly what you need!

The 2Bexpert rear seat cover is made with pet friendly AZO free high-quality materials, thus preventing any color bleeding that might damage your vehicle and ensuring a lasting high-end feel! Dogs enjoy our soft diamond quilted cover, while you’ll enjoy your seats looking new, longer.

The new hammock pet seat cover is 100% Waterproof, not just water resistant. With 4-layers of protection, 600D Oxford fabric, comfy cotton, anti-slip silicone bottom, heavy-duty waterproof middle the 2Bexpert pet seat cover protects your car from dog's hair, mud, dust, sand and liquids, being also anti-scratch, durable and sturdy, ideal for leather seats. The non-slip silicone bottom is present on all panels of the cover thus eliminating the risk of dog slipping over during rough rides.
The 2bexpert cover is made from the most resistant material all over the sleeve, as opposed to the classic covers that use thinner materials on the side flexible finds or the front flap of the hammock.

Sizing: approximately 53" x 58".

We also offer you an adjustable pet seatbelt that fit most breeds to make sure your dog is safe while still comfortable enough to move, sit or stand while you focus on driving.
With its easy-to-use anchors, you can have the cover in place in under a minute. The Velcro slots on the cover give you full use of the seat belts for the safety of your human passengers.
The seat anchors make sure dog seat covers do not budge and won't damage your seats.

Your dog loves to ride in the backseat, but you don't love the mess he leaves! This car seat cover is made for you both. Your dog will be comfortable, and you won't have to worry about dirt, dander or claw marks on your seats.

Thanks to adjustable straps, the 2Bexpert waterproof seat cover can be used for all cars. Besides protection against pet hair and claw marks, our clients claim that 2Bexpert Dog Hammock Back Seat Cover Protector is invaluable when it comes to spending more time with your dog, due to its versatility. You can use the cover not only in your car, but also at home when you are working with soil or other messy substances, as a protection cover, or even when you decide to take a picnic break with your pet and you need a sturdy blanket.
We offer you a complementary 2Bexpert matching, reusable carry bag. When you do not need to use the seat cover you can fold it easily and store it in the water resistant, zip on storage bag.


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Great quality for the right priceReview by Joana
My toddler and my retriever gladly share the backseat!Discovered this accidentally while browsing online. Happy to have found it! My car seat is cleaner then it ever was. (Posted on 5/3/2017)

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